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Jet Ski Best Practices – Paperback edition 2:32 pm


Jet Ski Best Practices – A guide for new riders

Paperback edition 2 – Feb 2019     Free postage worldwide.

Welcome to the most exhilarating water sport in the world!

Jet Ski Best Practices is a guide for new riders. It covers an in depth explanation of everything you’ll need to know to make the most of your Jet skiing FUN!
With over 100 pages of full cover photographs this book cover subjects such as which Jet Ski to buy right through to riding and maintaining your Jet Ski like new.
Designed and written to make your entry into this wonderful sport as safe and easy as possible.
Authored by Mandy Brown for JetSki.XXX the information has been compiled over the last decade with the result of a complete A to Z of best practices for new riders.
No more being dependent on the people who are in it for business reasons only!
“Jet Ski best Practices” is a lifetime of experience rolled into an easy to read, flowing summary of decades of testing, teaching, consulting, measuring and analysis. Available for the first time in our sport.

Chapter One – Which Jet Ski should I buy? – All the pros and cons for you to consider
Chapter Two – What Riding Gear do I need? – Everything you need to wear for all conditions
Chapter Three – General Equipment- All the equipment you’ll need to manage your Jet Ski in all occasions
Chapter Four – Taking the Jet Ski out on the water – How to pack, launch and pre ride checks. Here comes the FUN!
Chapter Five – Social Group Riding Best Practices – Social riding is amazing fun. Here’s hoe to remain “social” & safe
Chapter Six – After Ride Cleaning & Maintenance – Keep your Jet Ski like new in 20 minutes flat!
Chapter Seven – Where to from here? – The future looks bright but how far can we go?

This covers everything a new Jet Skier wants to know when they consider joining the sport!

Whatever you’ve been wondering about your Jet Ski you’re bound to find it here!

Free postage worldwide




Unicorn the Magical Jet Ski – “Saving the Pirates” Paperback edition 8:43 am

Saving the Pirates” Is the second book in the Unicorn the Magical Jet Ski series.

The whole gang sets out on a wonderful adventure together but find themselves facing an unexpected situation along the way.

Unicorn tries her best but can’t quite manage on her own. Who will help her to save the day?

“Saving the Pirates” is set in south-east Queensland and Southern Victoria, Australia where there are many Jet Skis.

The places they visit have been referred to by their indigenous names as have some of the characters. This is a unique adventure story for all children to enjoy!

Paperback edition.  Free postage worldwide

Unicorn the Magical Jet Ski – Lets find Rex! Paperback edition 2:36 pm

Unicorn the Magical Jet Ski – Let’s find Rex!

Paperback edition.  Free postage worldwide

“Let’s Find Rex” is the first adventure when one of Unicorns best friends go missing and they all set out on an awesome adventure to look for him.

The voyagers find themselves in lots of trouble when they go too far but Unicorn saves the day when she realises that she has very special amazing magical powers.

There’s an exciting twist at the end and they all celebrate Jet Ski style.

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