Big Saturday Wave Riding Training with Milton 7:11 pm

Back in May there was a weekend where a massive swell came through the Gold Coast.

Milton wanted to do some training so I thought it would be a good idea to tag along and try to learn something.

I learn’t that JetSki.XXX Extreme Fresh  really is good at cleaning wetsuits  wsle but I also managed to learn a few surf riding things too.

Here is some of the footage I took while we were out there. Eventually Milton had me going over the Monsters but I wasnt going to do that one handed with the camera  sk

In a few weeks Milton will be holding some advanced training courses for anyone who would like to learn how to manage riding in the surf and what to do if things go wrong. I’l post the details once we have them nailed down.


Extreme Fresh Image produced 450wExtreme Fresh – great for Cleaning Wetsuits!


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