Queensland Titles 2014 7:13 pm

Congratulations to all those who raced on the weekend. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and fitness to be competitive and everyone out there showed they are up for it.

Race Results
2014 Queensland Titles
Atkinsond Dam 7.9.14

1st Michael Stevens

Sports Class
1st Clyde Grant
2nd Bailey Cunningham
3rd Zac Humphries

1st Cameron Martin
2nd keith Miller
3rd Daryl Bone

1st Mandy Brown

Pro Stock
1st Mitch wyat
2nd Christian D’Agostin
3rd Shane Stuart

Am Stock
1st Brett Douglas
2nd Dane Alberti
3rd Jamie Eade

1st Matt Brunt
2nd Christian D’Agostin
3rd Greg Hack

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