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All the industry news and events and FUN!

Are you running an event and need television coverage? Let us show you our cost effective packages.

Jet Ski TV highlights the positive aspects of Jet Skiing and makes it easy to get started and have a great time.

We have focused on bringing Racing, Social and adventure events to the Jet Ski Community by making it readily available over the internet channels that are of interest to the Watercraft community.

Our work has inspired others to do the same and all of this has driven Jet Skiing toward becoming Australia’s best and most admired sport for both families and competitive people alike.

Perhaps your thinking Jet Ski entertainment to attend?

Do you need some Stunt exhibitions or some on the water photography?JSE on black 30

Perhaps your shooting a movie or an ad?

Just contact us at Jet Ski Events and we can help you out with anything you need from talent, Jet Skis, cameras or even the entire event management such as Racing, Freeride or Water Patrol for events.


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