Our Sponsored Riders

Jet Ski TV through the JetSki.Network acknowledges the hard work and dedication it takes for all the competitors to attend events and make them so exciting for us all to watch!


We offer these riders our assistance to grow their profile and provide them with as much goodies and help as we can.

They have all proven themselves as wonderful ambassadors for our industry in the many varying disciplines we have.

This does more for our sport than can ever be measured.

Please support them in return!

Let us know if you should be one of them 😉


Erick Nehls

Skis – 2017/2020 Spark    Race Class – IROC Stock, IROC Veteran, and IROC GP

Erich races in both the Pro Watercross and Great Lakes Watercross race sanctioning bodies.
He was able to participate in several events throughout the season with several 1st place finishes.
We look forward to helping Erich realise his racing dreams and to grow the sport along the way!


Ben Croft – Social Rider and Community Volunteer

The JetSki.Network would like to welcome aboard Ben Croft as our latest Jet Ski Ambassador.

Ben epitomizes everything we love about Jet Skiing people. He’s a dedicated volunteer for safety and training and he is contributing substantially to legislation that affects us all nationally. We congratulate Ben on his recognition and will be helping him as much as we can through our subsidiaries Jet Ski Club, JetSki.XXX and JetSki TV 🙂




Stirling Jones – Freeride Jet Skier.

I have always loved the water and all things water sports. I owned my first jetski at 16 years old a near new 1996 Kawasaki 900zxi. I moved from Canberra to Queensland in 2012 bringing with me two kids (4 and 9) and a 1998 Kawasaki 1100stx where I realised there is no better place on earth to own a Jetski. I realised quickly that this was the life for me and took a leap and bought a brand new 2014 Kawasaki 300X, my weekends became about breakfast on south straddy, wave jumping at Jumping Pin, touring with the Jetski Club around Morton Island being up close and personal with giant whales, lunch at Tangalooma and skiing and swimming at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world – right on Brisbane’s door step, all accessible in about 30 mins with jetski.

I discovered stand ups in 2013 when I came across my first stand up a Kawasaki 750sxi Pro, what a challenging and yet totally rewarding aspect of our sport. Its coordination and physically demanding yet when you get it (like riding a bike) a whole new world of jet skiing enjoyment and fitness opens up and all you can think about day in day out is, balance, stance, power management, placement, speed, positioning, sliding, getting that nose down, and when you have those nailed… where’s the best surf today.

My first stand up Freeride event was the 2015 Sunshine Coast Jet Sports Club (SCJSC) Surf Slam, I rode my then Krash Footrocket powered by a Kawaski SXR 800cc motor and pump, with some of the worlds best riders including Zack and his brother Jake Bright, Pierre Maxient, and the current world champ Mark Gomez as well as local riders from the sunshine cost Ben Dayman, Mr Brisbane Watercraft – Shan

e Holder, David Chidlow, Matthew O’conner and Zane Taylor to name just a few. This experience riding and partying with such awesome people showed me what this sport of Freeride is really all about – sharing the love of a sport with mates who have your back when you need it and throw you a high five or a fist bump when you pull off that gnarly stunt you’ve been trying or wanting to try for ages. I am proud to call these people friends and to be part of the world wide Freeride family.


I have attended several other Freeride events in the following years including the famous Cronulla Rip’n’Ride 8 in 2015 on my then Rickter Fr2 and the 2016 King of Freeride on my Dasa 850 powered 2015 Rickter Edge.

I love this sport and the people in it, for me its about seeing how far I can go and thoroughly enjoying the ride. I cant wait to get back in the water each weekend to try new stunts pushing myself and my body to new levels. I am looking forward to this years Rip’nRide X in October on my brand new Rickter MX1, Bring it on!

See you on the water, and keep stunting !


The JetSki.Network wishes Stirlo well in his future comps!


Nate Van Der Wijk – Freeride Jet Skier.

I’ve been riding now for about 6-7 years, started off in the racing community then moved to the more extreme side of the sport with freestyle. I copped a lot of crap as I rode the largest ski in the comp, my trusty Honda, but was always up there with the best putting my body on the line.

Always pushing the limits of the sport. Jumping onto a mod blaster 1 definitely  saw me out of my comfort zone but quickly adapted and continued to push the limits. In October 2015 a shoulder reco saw me sit out until June 2017, now looking forward to the remainder of 2017 and the years to come.

I’m looking forward to raising the bar within the industry again and pushing the limits to help grow this sport beyond insane using a hand full of tricks and world firsts.

I’ve either invented or converted from freestyle motocross and modified them for the free ride industry. Future ski plans will see possibly the shortest mod blaster 1 in the world along with another mod blaster 1 (hybrid) yes electric free ride ski!! Watch this space!

The JetSki.Network cant wait to see what the future holds for you Nate!



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