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Greta Van Fleet Jet Ski ride 10:56 am

Wow what an amazing Jet Ski ride! It’s not every day you get such cool passengers ☺ Congrats on the #Grammy @gretavanfleet  #gretavanfleet   @danny_gvf  #danny_gvf   @jake_gvf #jake_gvf   @sammy_gvf  #sammy_gvf  @josh_gvf  #josh_gvf @JetSkiTV  @JetSkiXXX  @JetSkiClub  @JetSkiServices  @unicornjetski @jetskibestpractices @australianjetskiassociation  @brpseadoo  @yamahaboating  @kawasakiusa @JetSkiMandy   @JetSkiNetwork

By the way we thought we’d share this

Glass House Mountains from a Jet Ski! 3:02 pm

Wow, what an awesome ride it is through Pumicestone on a Jet Ski. The views are amazing and the Caloundra Bar is awesome FUN!

For all the photos and to join the discussion visit Jet Ski Club

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Stradbroke Islands Whales & Dolphins Jet Ski Ride 5:58 pm

Wow, Whales and Dolphins everywhere!

See all the ride details on Jet Ski Club

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Australian Jet Ski Association – 2018 AGM 3:45 pm

The Australian Jet Ski Association held its AGM by the water at Manly. Needless to say this was a good enough reason for us all to go for an awesome ride first 

Join us for the next one. Visit Jet Ski Club for more details

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Another new Jet Ski joins the Australian Jet Ski Association Water Safety Team! 10:35 pm

Another new Jet Ski joins the Australian Jet Ski Association Water Safety Team. Thanks to Sunstate Seadoo at the Sunshine Coast for the best deal and just being awesome to deal with!  Check out the awesome Fish Ski box on display at the demo day too!

Who else is getting a

Sunny Coast Freeride Event – March 2018 10:26 pm

Great day everyone!

Great to see the JetSki.XXX riders Nate & Stirlo out there, especially Nate after such a long time off with a shoulder reco.

For all upcoming events keep an eye on Jet Ski Club



Jet Ski Fishing with Fish Ski Australia 10:19 pm

We set out with the Fish Ski tribe for a day of fun and fishing off Noosa, Queensland Australia.

Who knew Fishing off Skis could be so much FUN.

We were wearing the bbTalkin headsets so there was never a shortage of fun jokes, jet ski jibber and lets chase the FISH!!


Supermoon of the Century – Jet Ski Ride 5:42 pm

We set out from the Southport ramp at around 5pm and had a picnic dinner off South Straddie.

Just as the Sun set we rode to Surfers Paradise to get the view of the house of this fantastic event.

More photos and discussions are here



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Jet Ski Festival – QLD 2016 3:06 pm

Enjoy the highlights of a week of cruising the SE Queensland Coast while everyone else is at work!




JetSki Club – North Stradbroke Island Ride – June 2016 10:11 am

We set off in beautiful conditions to what unfolded as a magnificent day out on the water!

Read more with all the photos here: 

Stay up to date with all the rides. Download the Jet Ski Club App here

King of Freeride – Sunshine Coast 2016 10:09 am

King of Freeride – Sunshine Coast 2016





Ride to Tangalooma from the Gold Coast – April 2016 7:32 am

What an awesome day we had!

Jet Skis came from everywhere to meet for a wonderful Picnic and to do some diving at the Tangalooma wrecks.

For all the photos and commentary go to the Jet Ski Club

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