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QPWC Winter Titles – 26th & 27th July 2014 @ Atkinsons Dam Qld


Last Sunday the newly formed committee of the Queensland Personal Watercraft Association (QPWC) ran it’s first race meeting since coming together in July.

It’s fair to say form everyones feedback it was a terrific event and a great sign of things to come!

The new committee enjoys substantial experience from veteran international riders and Australian champions such as Dan Fox, Tim O’Neil and Tony Gray, who have brought with them many of the returning club champions from days gone by.

These people coupled with the existing pool of more recent racers over the last year or two,  made for a terrific team.

The internationally renown race director Ross Moore, provided an excellent insight into racing at the highest level. This provided the new racers with a valuable lesson if they choose to get really serious about the international racing scene.

The Ski racers were back in force and the competition was of the highest standard. James Xveres won the title and Tam Clucas was the only lady entrant who did extremely well to keep going with them all day.

There was a smaller n/a class with Justin (Juzzi) Calvert returning to the racing scene on a runabout and taking the 1st spot.

There was one Sports competitor, Clyde Grant in the mix. No ladies competed in the Runabout class. The beginners Class was represented by a very high standard of racers. Brett Douglas won convincngly but they all looked like seasoned racers out there.

Amateur Stock was extremely close in results and was taken out by Mathew Atallah.

The Pro/Amateur Stock class was won by Mitch Wyatt on his lightening fast Yamaha FZ.

The Pro Open was won convincingly by the very fast and ever reliable RXTX ridden by Brendan Boyd.

The next racing is the Queensland Titles and is being planned for September. Details will be released in the near future.

Ski Open 1st James Xveres 2nd Michael Stevens 3rd Justin Windsor

N/A and Sports 1st Justin Calvert 2nd Jamie Eade 3rd Clyde Grant

Beginner Runabout 1st Brett Douglas 2nd Sam Barrott 3rd Fraser Heaton

Amateur Stock 1st Mathew Atallah 2nd Wade Clucas 3rd Dave Albert

Pro/Am Stock 1st Mitch Wyatt 2nd Mark Dallow 3rd Greg Hack

Pro Open 1st Brendan Boyd 2nd Dan Fox 3rd Justin Belczowsk

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